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Manu Punjabi Left Bigg Boss 10 House, Why Manu Punjabi Exit/ Quit BB 10 Show

Manu Panjabi is one of the most entertainment contest in bigg boss 10 house, giving tough competition to all the celebrities in the BB 10 house. Manu is the strongest contestant in the bigg boss house and made brought entertainment level to top level with his friends mona and manvir. By upcoming exclusive news from the bigg boss house 10 manu punjabi is no more a part of the game now and has left the bigg boss house/ took the emergency exit has shaken the whole bigg boss 10 house. Bigg boss has ordered to take emergency exit to manu punjabi from big boss 10 house and the reason is quite shocking and depressing. This sudden exit of manu punjabi has made his fans and viewers of bigg boss house little bit shock.

Manu Punjabi Left Bigg Boss 10 House, Manu Punjabi Eliminated from biggboss 10, Why Manu Punjabi Quit Bigg Boss Show, Reason Behind Manu Punjabi Exit of Bigg Boss 10


Why Manu Punjabi Exit / Quit Bigg Boss 10 Show

But what is the reason behind the emergency exit of manu panjabi from the bigg boss house 10 by the order of bigg boss to quit the game and go out of the house? as per the recent news, the mother of manu panjabi has passed away and this is reason why bigg boss makers has took this big decision to take emergency exit of manu panjabi from the bigg boss 10 house. This is a very sad news of ever viewers of bigg boss 10 as manu punjabi is one of the best contestant of bigg boss and the top competitor of bigg boss 10 show. Our deepest condolence for manu punjabi family’s lose, stay tune for more updates on bigg boss 10.

Is Manu Punjabi Is Going to Come back to Bigg Boss 10 House?

After this sad news of manu punjabi mother passed away on friday night, she was suffering from respiratory disease and her age was 70. This shocking news had bigg boss makers to ask to manu punjabi to leave the bigg boss 10 house. As per the new report, Priyanka Saini fiance of manu punjabi has conformed that manu punjabi will be coming back to bigg boss 10 house very soon which is very good news for all the fans of manu punjabi. Our deepest condolence to Manu Punjabi and his family for the irreparable loss!


  1. manu panjabi i heartly plz come back to the show
    i cannot seen the show
    plz come back

  2. amit rathore,chd.

    mannu jo bhi hua ho tumhare sath . god ap ko shakti de. jis karan ap ghar se bhar ho gye.

    god bless u.

  3. manu bro u r best
    plllsss take care
    i m with u all the time
    b. t

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