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Bigg Boss 10 Winner | Winner Of Bigg Boss Season 10 | Manveer Gurjar

Winner Of Bigg Boss 10 Season Manveer Gurjar

Manveer Gurjar has won the Bigg boss game/shows in 2017 with more then 1 lakh votes. all the best to Manveer Gurjar as he got the title by salman khan. Manveer Gurjar was going pretty well and won big boss the prize money of 40 lakh. So big boss gave them another chance and a task where they can once again increase the prize amount. All the contestants performed the task very well and they increased the prize money to 44 lakhs. The winner of the bigg boss season 10 will get the amount forty four lakhs. Now let us talk about the winner of the season ten. There is 70-80% chance of Manveer Gurjar. There is 60-70% chance of Bani j. 50-60% chance of Lopamudra Raut. And lastly Manu Panjabi is also playing the game well. So his chances are also not less.

Bigg Boss 10 Winner | Winner of Bigg Boss | BB 10 Winner

There are number of reality shows being aired on television now a day. Big boss is one of them. The specialty of reality show is that it has limited number of episodes and they are more entertaining as compared to daily soaps. Big boss is one of the longest running reality show the current season being the 10thseason and it has become more popular because of its super star host Salman khan. In this season the contestants were like 8 were the commoners or referred to as India wale and 7 were the celebrities. Including the common people in the big boss house was specialty of season 10 of big boss. Now time has arrived where we can decide winner of biggboss ten. Very few weeks left for the final episode.

BiggBoss 10 Seasons Winners Name | Big Boss Season 10 Winner

The game tactics and the strategy used by Manveer are quite brilliant. First he used to be behind many. Then he started playing his own game and taking his own stand. Now there are four celebrities and three indiawale. After swami Om’s shame full act of throwing his pee on bani and Rohan. He was evicted from the house by big boss. Who will win bb 10? The predicted winner of bigg boss season 10 is Manveer Gujjar. The names of the winner of various seasons are as below.

Bigg Boss Winner List  Bigg Boss Season Winner Name
Bigg Boss Winner 1  Rahul Roy
Bigg Boss Winner 2  Ashutosh Kaushik
Bigg Boss Winner 3  Vindu Dara Singh
Bigg Boss Winner 4  Shweta Tiwari
Bigg Boss Winner 5  Juhi Parmar
Bigg Boss Winner 6  Urvashi Dholakia
Bigg Boss Winner 7  Gauhar Khan
Bigg Boss Winner 8  Gautam Gulati
Bigg Boss Winner 9  Prince Narula
Bigg Boss Winner 10  Manveer Gurjar


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Bigg Boss 10 Winner | All Seasons Winners Name List | BB 10 Winner

Who Is The Strongest Contest To Win Bigg Boss season 10?

There is lot of chance of other contestants also like manu and bani can also be in the winner list or at least the second and 3rd runner up. Now since bigg boss has become very popular show in India every one is eagerly waiting for the winner name to be announced. And to increase the excitement level there are not more days left for finale of the season. Let us see whom the people give their highest vote.

Who Is The Winner Of Bigg Boss 10?

Though there are celebrities who have greater fan following than the common people but in the due course of time audience has started liking the commoners by their way of playing the game and may they want an indiawala to won bigg boss season 10. The final episode of bigg boss 10 would be a real worth watch this time.


  1. Manveer gujjer winner in bigg boss 10

  2. Bani is winner in bigg boss 10..

  3. Rohan mehra is the winner of big boss 10

  4. manveer gujjar is the winner of big boss season 10

  5. Rohan mehra is the winner of bb 10

  6. Rohan Is The Winner Of BB10

  7. Bani j is most deserving and good contestant she will win akeki bani sabpe bhari…..

  8. Rajoshi Mukherjee

    Lopamudra rout is the winner of bigboss season 10.

  9. bani j will be the winner

  10. Rohan Mehra will be the winner of bigg boss 10

  11. Bani must be the winner of BigBoss 10

  12. Bani is winner of bb 10.vote for bani

  13. Manveer gujjar will be the winner of bb10

  14. I want Bani J or Manveer Gurjar to win BIGG Boss 10. Manveer as a commoner has managed the game very well. He deserves to win.
    But Bani has popularity and her fans support her completely.
    Vote for both Bani J and Manveer Gurjar.😎

  15. Bani loving deserve to be. a winner go ahead

  16. Bani..shud wun ..

  17. Manveer Gujjar is the most deserving winner and he will win Bigg Boss 10. Please vote for Manveer Gujjar

  18. lopa or manveer win insaallah

  19. Rohan will be the winner of big boss season 10

  20. Lopa will be the winner of bb 10

  21. bani j is winner

  22. Manveer should win this bigboss because in every task manveer work hard and been succesfull in that where as bani dnt effort to win in any task so I think manveer should win bigboss 10..
    Congrates manveer in advance..😇

  23. manu is the winner

  24. Bani is true and honest.. winner.. God bless

  25. Bani will win the BB10 for sure 101%

  26. lopamudra shoul be the winner because she has won all the tasks

  27. Lopamudra should win .

  28. KARTAVYA pratap singh

    Definitely manveer will win bb10
    Support manveer and make a commoner win the show. Bani is not deserving as she has not worked hard in task while manveer has given his 100 percent .manu is better than bani . I keep lopa at 4 tth position

  29. Bani and only Bani…. bani j should be winner. all the best bani.

  30. manveer gujjar iz definately winning!!

  31. Bani is the winner love u Bani 💗💗😘😘

  32. Maneer gujjar

  33. Manvir Gurjar is winner Bigg Boss 10 Because Manvir is very honest And brave and I like Manvir so I think Manvir gurjer is winner Bigg Boss 10 Winner…..

  34. Manveer gujjar will be the winner of bb 10

  35. manveer gujjar will win

  36. manveer Gujar will win

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