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Dangal 12 Days Domestic & Overseas Box Office Collection Report Till Now

Dangal 12th Day Collection | 12 Days Total collection : Dangal! Aamir Khan movie is an most anticipated movie of the season, got a very good critics rating and also showing positive word of mouth from the live audience and bollywood critics on day 12 with a total collection of rs 446.84 crores worldwide. The movie Dangal released on all over India and in some foreign countries on 21st Dec & 23rd Dec respectively, worldwide collection of the film adding amount in the collection graph with rs 17.86 crores today. Aamir Khan has done great promotion of movie dangal in india with her film daughters, so lets see how much promotion effects came on day 12 on the box office collection. The story is very good and movie we can say its a remarkable and also has a good impression on the audience, its a complete entertainment movie.

Dangal Day Wise Box Office Collection | Dangal Domestic & Overseas Collection

we are giving detail figure/profit report of Aamir Khan’s Dangal total collection/money Earned below including domestic collection and worldwide collection

Dangal Day wise collection Domestic Collection Worldwide Collection (domestic + overseas)
1st day collection 29.75 crores 29.75 + 17.05 = 46.80 crores
2nd day collection 34.85 crores 34.85 + 24.80 = 59.65 crores
3rd day collection 42.35 crores 42.35 + 21.60 = 63.95 crores
4th day collection 25.40 crores 25.40 + 15.35 = 40.75 crores
5th day collection 23.10 crores 23.10 + 11.90 = 35.00 crores
6th day collection 21.20 crores 21.20 + 10.71 = 31.91 crores
7th day collection 20.30 crores 20.30 + 09.37 = 29.67 crores
8th day collection 18.50 crores 18.50 + 11.40 = 29.90 crores
9th day collection 23.07 crores 23.07 + 07.55 = 30.62 crores
10th day collection 31.27 crores 32.04 + 10.11 = 41.38 crores
11th day collection 13.45 crores 13.45 + 05.90 = 19.35 crores
12th day collection 12.51 crores 12.51 + 05.35 = 17.86 crores
11 Days Total Collection 295.65 crores 446.84 crores

Dangal 12 Days Box Office Collection | 12th Day Income | Total Collection

Dangal 12 days box office collection: Dangal 12 days collection added more gross business up to 07.30 to 7.35 precent of total on 2nd tuesday including worldwide collection and it will break the record of few movies and soon reach on top of the box office collection record. Dangal 12 day collection is getting more then expectation of the last 11 days collection with almost 12.51 crores, on 12th day Dangal get a very strong business in india and also in overseas collection, which is a more then 13.79 crores in gross (including tax). as per the Dangal todays collection report with a total of business in india and in overseas market is of about 17.86 crores.

Dangal 12 day box office collection, total income, business

Dangal collection on 12 day as per the occupancy Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and in rest of india also showing very good with a cent percentage and film occupancy each and every show is getting nearly 83 percent houseful or more, also movie advanced booking is also more then expectation which is up to 49% in advanced all over India. Dangal movie total budget is 70 crores and it recovered its total budget and now we can give the real profit of Dangal ie. total earnings in coming days.

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Dangal 12 Days Domestic & Overseas Box Office Collection Report Till Now

Dangal movie in high demand which is releasing with over 4350 screen counts in India and 1050 screens counts in the foreign countries including usa in the second week, so the Dangal 12th day collection in overseas market will do a business of 05.35 crores which is growing day by day from first day collection. Second tuesday earnings of Dangal get high as audience can go theaters on this week holiday today to watch movie and in next to second wednesday. Dangal 12 day business is 12.51 crores from domestic and 05.35 crores from overseas, in usa and canada 00.87 crores. earned and in uk, australia, newzeland and in some gulf countries it will be 04.48 crores earned. Dangal total collection on 12th day including worldwide is about 17.86 crores. Dangal movie of Aamir Khan getting outstanding response from its fans in worldwide trying to create more record in overseas market on 12 day collection on the top collection list.


  1. dangal highest hit movie in 2016

  2. impressed on amir khan he such a good actor he shows the people wt is he and he was out Standing in the role of father in dangal i give 5stars to this movie

  3. Aamir Khan comes at the end of the year looks for all records during the year Nd ends up breaking his own highest grossing movies…

  4. A majestic movie by Mr. Perfectionist Amir Khan…..
    Well done Amir sir……movie story, emotional touches, songs, acting everything’s are superb. We can’t forget this movie till some years….

  5. Very emotional film ever seen giving real duty of a father

  6. Outstanding movie dangal is, you can see ,feel the hard work, dedication given by aamir ,fatima,sanya,director nitesh tiwari entire team of dangal. Hats off to aamir for making an blockbuster master piece. lots of people comparing dangal with sultan,real fact is salman is just an entertainer he cannot give an masterpiece, but aamir is genius Mr perfectionist

  7. Aamir is the best Actor very emotional Moive.I give 5 star to this Moive………..

  8. What a movie , not word to say great job by aamir sir .

  9. yeasir jyafath molla

    Amir Khan is a great actor which he proved once again

  10. more then 300 crores in second week

  11. i hope 400 crore club movie

  12. Awesome movie 😘
    I give 5/5 stars 😘👌

  13. There is no one like aamir khan he is just awesome

  14. This moovis most be dangal 2016 welcom aamir khan

  15. Love you Amir khan and your best great outstanding hero number 1 I love your king box office

  16. i am fan of salman but really we proud for amir khan aperb……

  17. A perfect meaningful movie by perfect man….love you aamir sir….

  18. very good movie i hope it will enter 400crore club very soon..

  19. best movie of bollywood
    gud job Amir Sir
    dangal will break all records in coming days
    again great thanks for Amir Sir

  20. Aamir sir outstanding work iam big fan
    Your acting .

  21. Perfect movie by No.1 actor

  22. ßàáďshâh Žãm

    Aamir khan only gives solo release and that also after years

  23. Hi sir your dangal movie are outstanding all the other Bollywood movie. Every actors are good.

  24. Amir Khan is king of box office… his quality of movie is much better than other stars. Dangal proves that he is mastermind in choosing movies and making it perfectly.

  25. सुल्तान क्या ये तो PK से भी आगे जायेगी।
    तारीफ तो जितनी करू आमिर की कम है।
    सबसे बढ़िया मूवी हिंदी फिल्म इतिहास की।

  26. Dangal is a great film

    I like this film

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  28. vidyapati Sharma

    Dangal is the best movie

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  30. Santosh Chaudhary

    Mindblowing act by Mr perfectionist awesome movie!!!

  31. 1st of all thanx to Amir sir
    For giving such a nice movie
    During fights, reaction of Amir sir was awesome & public reaction must watchable
    Hat’s off Amir sir

  32. Awsome movie …..
    Speechless comment …
    Amir khan again show superb …act …
    Bhut hogaye baate …..ab bas …AMIR hoga …

  33. In this movie aamir really shows how a father struggle for his children’s success

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